• To provide global means to local needs
  • To use the potential of IT to maximize the benefits for the rural community
  • Analysis of the villages on various socio-economic parameters at a micro as well as macro level;
  • Improving the literacy rate of the villages by reducing the drop out rate;
  • Maximizing the Employment Potential by providing the profiles of rural youth to the potential employers in India and abroad;
  • Improving the economic conditions of the Semi-skilled and Un-skilled labour by publishing their availability status on the Internet;
  • Providing updated information and databanks to the Government for better analysis and individual profiling;
  • Disseminating the information about various Agro-based Schemes and connectivity to the initiatives like AGRIS-NET, AGMARK-NET etc;
  • Web-based Career Counselling for the rural community by providing information on various courses;
  • Providing databases on demand to the manufacturing organizations dealing in Agro-based products and implements like Tractors, Manures, Fertilizers etc.
  • To set up a Global Rural Development Grid (GRDG) by sharing information, ideas and solutions