Our Programme

Samarth Bharat Initiative

Samarth Bharat is a community initiative to uplift the living standard of the citizens of India. The living standard would be improvised in a community participation mode with the following model:

For the People

By the People

To the People


The collaboration of various Civic Organizations and Volunteers would be the key to the success. The initiative would specifically improve the intelligence level of citizens of India in order to make them healthy, wealthy and prosperous.


SmartVillages is a community based initiative of Samanvay.Com Welfare Society, primarily aimed to harness the benefits of information technology for the rural folks. The initiative is a community effort to mobilize the collective strengths of people from various streams and integrate it with information technology to provide benefits to the rural community.

Inspired by the Gandhian philosophy and thoughts, the SmartVillages Project was conceived to provide ‘Global Means to the Local Needs’ by launching the Portal www.smartvillages.org as the community forum. The Project aims to build a mass movement driven by communities by empowering them with knowledge and skills to take on the challenges in the information age.


SwachhHaryana is a community based initiative to achieve the objectives of making India clean. The programme aims to bring all the civic bodies under one common agenda to clean the cities and the villages in the State of Haryana. All such initiatives would be brought under One Umbrella Portal at www.swachhharyana.com.